The Descendants of William Shankland
The Family of John N Shankland

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William (W?) Shankland is the subject of this genealogy. He arrived in Maryland probably between 1680 and 1689 and then moved to Lewes, DE. He had 5 children and their charts are next. The rest are descendant charts for my other grandparents as far back as I have them. In addition I will included a descendant chart for my Children's mother's family (Hungerford). The pedigree chart will show how I fit into all of this. You can find me in the narrative description here


  1. Descendant Chart for William (W?) Shankland
  2. 5 Gen DE Descendants
  3. Descendant Chart for Robert Shankland
  4. Descendant Chart for Elizabeth Shankland
  5. Descendant Chart for John Shankland
  6. Descendant Chart for Joseph Shankland
  7. Descendant Chart for William Shankland
  8. Descendant Chart for Frederick Brian
  9. Descendant Chart for Hans Hansen Sethne
  10. Descendant Chart for Ole Jacob Ensrud
  11. Descendant Chart for James Marion Shankland
  12. Descendant Chart for Johnson Porter Shankland
  13. Descendant Chart for William Patrick Adams
  14. Descendant Chart for Benjamin Franklin Shankland
  15. Descendant Chart for Glenn Elbert Hungerford
  16. Pedigree for Camryn J Hamilton
  17. Pedigree for John Norman Shankland
  18. Pedigree for John Norman Shankland
  19. Pedigree for John Andrew Shankland
  20. Pedigree for Camryn J Hamilton
  21. Pedigree for Lyle Cristina Shipp
  22. Pedigree for Avery John Shankland
  23. Relationship chart from Avery John to William Shankland

John N Shankland
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